Clarify detoxifying shampoo



Hair that’s bored, tired and stressed needs a dose of shock therapy from our deep-cleansing shampoo. Specially formulated with rosemary and quillaja bark, a natural surfactant, it gently but deeply cleans hair naturally. Immediately get rid of styling product buildup and residue with RUSK® Sensories™ Clarify™ Rosemary and Quillaja Shampoo.

WHAT IS IT? Shock therapy for bored, stressed hair.

WHO IS IT FOR? All hair types.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Specially formulated with rosemary, a natural antioxidant, and quillaja bark, a natural surfactant, to gently deep clean hair.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Use daily or as needed. Apply a small amount to wet hair, massage in thoroughly and rinse.

Delivered anywhere in Canada

Shampoing clarifiant Rusk
Shampoing clarifiant Rusk