N.70 shampoo




It enhances the renewal of the epitelium cells and removes the surface layer of dead cells. It enhances the regeneration of the scalp, with a smoothing and detoxifying action.
It removes eventual impurities, sebum and residual excess
It re-activates blood micro-circulation, improving tissues oxygenation. Scalp will be smooth, fresh, clean and tonic!

The exfoliating action of this product is due to the presence of perlite, a natural mineral, ECOCERT certified.
Thanks to their porous structure, these granules are able to absorb greasy and watery substances, removing them from the scalp.

Perfect for:
All types of hair. It is perfect for a particularly greasy or dry scalp. Not recommended for an irritated or sensitive scalp.

Apply the product evenly to damp scalp. Lather for a few minutes with slow circular movements. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with the most fitting shampoo for scalp and hair.

Delivered anywhere in Canada

N.70 shampoing
N.70 shampoing