Self tanning spray on-the-go Dark

That So



Gives fast and intense coloring immediately without the bad odor usually associated with this type of product.

For olive skin tones.

Exfoliating the skin will prolong the hold of your self-tanner. We recommend that you use That'so Italy exfoliating gel since it will deeply hydrate your skin.

Make sure to wash off the moisturizing residue from the exfoliant before applying the tan spray.

Always apply to dry skin.

Shake the can vigorously.

Apply in a circular motion 30cm from your skin.

If there are any droplets, it is important to tap them gently to spread the product.

Allow to air dry for about two minutes so that your skin is no longer sticky.

Afterwards, you can get dressed.

You must apply a moisturizer 24 hours after, in order to maintain the complexion.

Avoid contact with water for a period of 12 to 24 hours.

This mist gives you a natural tanning effect without marks, all year round and without having to expose yourself to harmful UV rays. Quick and easy to apply.

Instant 100% natural tanning formula

Main ingredients: DHA and aloe vera

Patented formulation with Matrixyl an anti-aging peptide

Penetrates the skin evenly, resulting in an even tan that fades naturally - without spots

Takes 1 hour to develop thanks to the patented ingredient "Activatan"

Lasts 5-6 days

Paraben and erythrulose free

Free delivery in Canada on orders over $39*

Spray Autobronzant On-the-go Dark
Spray Autobronzant On-the-go Dark
Spray Autobronzant On-the-go Dark
Spray Autobronzant On-the-go Dark