Naturecolor Creative Pigment 7.62

Abril et Nature


84 shades to fascinate:

-Hair dye without p-phenylenediamine.
-A maximum colour persistence, bright, and long-lasting softness.
-100% coverage of grey hairs.
-With nourishing oils which boost the moisturizing and regeneration of hair fibre.
-Contains keratin, wheat protein and collagen, which restore the hair keratin structure.
-With positively charged conditioner ingredients to neutralise the negatives charges on damaged keratin fibre, avoiding the hair to get frizz.
-With an anti-irritant active ingredient, derivative from camomile, which reduces the potential irritation and avoids itch on scalp.
-With a polymer which seals the cuticle after the dye has penetrate to inside the cortex, in order to increases colour durability.
-Tested under dermatological control.


All the pigments used are permanent dyes to ensure a maximum hair dye durability.

Colour Treatment contains Shampoo and Instant Mask Color which make more powerful hair colour and shine and protects them from damaging effects which destroy it.
Bleaching treatments with a high lighten power.
Shampoo Silver and Mask Platinum neutralize the golden reflections on bleached hair, and provides them shine and softness.

Delivered anywhere in Canada