Moist Hydrating shampoo



Sunflower and apricot extracts make this shampoo for dry hair exceptionally lubricating for anyone whose hair is thirsty for moisture. It’s specially formulated to gently cleanse and revive. Caution: RUSK® Sensories™ Moist™ Sunflower and Apricot Hydrating Shampoo is a luxurious, rich solution that can be addicting!

WHAT IS IT? A gentle moisturizing shampoo.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone with dry, thirsty hair.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Specially formulated with sunflower extract and apricot extract, this luxurious shampoo moisturizes and lubricates the hair.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Use daily or as needed. Apply a small amount to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly.

Delivered anywhere in Canada

Shampoing hydratant Rusk
Shampoing hydratant Rusk